About Us

The Greenhouse

Chelse’s Greenhouse was established in 2002 in Elizabeth Township near Butler’s Golf Course. The greenhouse started as a labor of love with healthy and hardy plants.  We also provide a lot of personal attention to our customers, which allowed the business to grow quickly. In 2009, a second location was opened in the Murrysview Plaza, which is located at the border of Monroeville and Murrysville to meet the growing needs of families in the area.

The Grower

Owner Nyles Falatek is a graduate of Penn State University with environmental and architectural engineering degrees. He worked 10 years for the Army Corps of Engineers until the closing of the Pittsburgh field office. While at the Army Corp of Engineers, he had a greenhouse in his mother’s backyard. His first plants came from cuttings from yards of his friends and neighbors which he then rooted. He germinated geraniums from flowers dried at the end of the growing season. Most neighbors were supportive, peeking in the greenhouse to watch the growing plants. One spring, a neighbor, Mr. Eger, asked Nyles what he was going to do with all the geraniums he grew. When Nyles didn’t know, Mr. Eger knew the perfect place for everyone to enjoy them. Red and white geraniums were planted all around St. Perpetua Church. This is how Nyles’ hobby of growing plants turned into a thriving business.

The Name

Chelse’s Greenhouse was named after his beloved black lab, Chelse. Whenever Nyles worked in the greenhouse, Chelse would lay in front of the door soaking up the sun and greeting visitors. She loved to smell the flowers. Sadly, Chelse died in 2005.

Now if you visit the greenhouse, you will be greeted by a large and lovable Saint Berdoodle named Lucy.